When the first South Highland cottages were built, the community used the beach primarily through the access afforded by a break between the dunes at the end of Brucker Road. Boats, canoes, beach toys, building materials and other supplies were carried from Brucker Road down a short stretch of beach to the beachfire sites in the South Highland area. Originally, cottagegoers were also able to run, roll, surf, walk or climb down the sand dune in front of the South Highland cottages to reach the beach.


Central staircase, 19__

This practice, while remembered fondly by some, was discontinued in the 1970s by agreement among the cottage members, due to concerns about erosion.

Enjoyable as it may have been to descend the dune, climbing back up was challenging. In or about ___, the South Highland group began placing ladders on the hill to assist in controlled descent and ascent directly between the South Highland cottages and the beach.

In 19__, the first rigid staircase was built [________]

[Additional detail needed]

In 19__, the central stairway was partially destroyed by high water and erosion.