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Construction of CottageEdit

Mike Terry reports that this cottage was built in 1925 by Edward English.  This property was leased at the time by Edward English and Francis Gray English.

[Francis Gray English was the sister of Helen Gray Vogelsang?]

[Edward English and Francis Gray English were the parents of Helen English Harper, who had married Randy Harper?]

[Helen and Randy's son Tom , married Carolyn Loughlin Harper ]

The title to this property in 1925 was held by Arthur A. Vogelsang, and transferred into joint ownership of Arthur A. Vogelsang and Helen C. Vogelsang in 1933.

It was transferred to Harry Jack Rosenberg in 1935.

Tom Harper acquired the property in 1951, but transferred it again, in 1956, to Clayton F. Loughlin and Irene Loughlin.

English FamilyEdit

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Arthur and Helen VogelsangEdit

Harry Jack Rosenberg FamilyEdit

Tom and Carolyn Harper FamilyEdit

The Loughlin DeDecker Cottage was owned for several years by the Tom and Caroylyn Harper Family .

Clay and Irene Loughlin FamilyEdit